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Alpha Blood

Alpha Blood

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Bee By AestheticBee95 Updated Dec 24, 2016

Lena's life isn't going exactly as she planned. Her parents are gone, her pack has been taking over and there's a awful man who's just waiting for the young teenager to come of age so he can claim her.
  But of course she wont let that happen.
  Leaving behind her pack and broken home behind her she becomes a Lone Wolf, homeless, pack-less. For two years she struggles in the wild. Two long years fighting to survive and fighting off Rogues.
  It's while running from Rogues Lena stumbles on to West Pack lands.
  She stumbles in to a pack, an Alpha, a home? That's if she can remember how to be part of a pack again and get the Alpha Caleb to learn to trust her.

#50 in Werewolf 10th of September 2016
#53 in Werewolf 5th of September 2016
#57 in Werewolf 2nd of September 2016
Warning!!!- Sexual Content! Mature audience only so if your under eighteen and stumble across this do not read but if you do you have been warned. 
  This story will be containing from the beginning-swearing/bad language, violence, death, murder, themes of rape/attempted rape. Please don't read if any of the above triggers or causes offence. Enjoy. Bee x

CookieDoughTigress CookieDoughTigress Aug 06, 2016
Someone who understands that wolves have an alpha pair, not just alpha male!! Thank god!
norahnjeri51 norahnjeri51 Oct 18, 2016
I like your openness and dynamism no judging people and how they love each other like your book
pizzaland- pizzaland- Aug 20, 2016
Finally! Tbh when people do this "special" pure white or pure black wolf with like superpowers it kinda ruins the story. You have a great start by the way, I can't wait to read more!
ari2754 ari2754 Oct 02, 2016
OMG i just tought... A defender for the rights and equality with the wolfs! No to discrimination! Every fur is beautiful!! LOL
Yes thank god people can feel whatever they want towards things but I can't tolerate people discriminating against sexuality race etc so thank u so much