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Liberation (mxm)

Liberation (mxm)

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ravewriter By ravewriter Completed

[This story is mxm; mature and unedited]
    Hundreds of years ago, Bytei was kicked out of heaven for falling in lust with a human, followed by his best friend. Bytei had fallen in love more than once since he fell, but having nobody to give them immortality, he had to let them go.
    Now Bytei has plenty of warlock friends, but no lover. His best friend is away a lot now, and his warlock friend is only visiting temporarily, and nothing is looking very bright. Until he finds a skittish freckle-faced boy behind the bushes. Love doesn't begin to describe what he feels towards this big eyed boy, and he's going to avenge his soulmates' anxiety.
    [This is book five of The Immortal Series. WARNING: This book contains mature language and graphical content consisting between two men. I do not leave A/N's in this series, nor do I change perspective. The protagonist is the protagonist and that will not change in any of the books. I hope you enjoy my stories, and don't forget to comment / vote.]
  My Immortal
  Cynic Hearts

OMGLoveyaoi OMGLoveyaoi Dec 07, 2016
You have toys to help you my dear little frend.
                              ...but youre not that little are you.
give_me_action give_me_action Apr 14, 2016
I wonder if there will be a book about Lucifer and Hades... 
                              Or if there will be another book at all
DreamlessAshes DreamlessAshes Apr 02, 2016
Oh my god... well.... this is a surprise... hello. I didn't even know the previous book ended, but that's okay.  Let Mr hug you.
NeVhaMorrOn NeVhaMorrOn May 26, 2016
                              Bytei and belladore?  Man....what a pair!
DreamlessAshes DreamlessAshes Apr 11, 2016
How To Fall In Love Mutually:
                              A Step by Step Guide by  Bytes
                              Step 1. Become weirdly possessive over some kid you meet les than two seconds ago.
You got a couple of hands, don't you? 
                              And feet if you're kinky, LMAO.