The Light Keeper's Daughter

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Anita Foster By goldie68 Completed
Camila has always loved the sea and the lighthouse she grew up in. Franklin has asked her to marry him, but when she finds a lost soul on the shore who can't remember his past, she helps him discover just how important love can be. Yet will love bring her everything she wants or danger she doesn't know exists? When you are lost, a ray of light can bring you safely home.
I just read a story and when I finished it and started your story it felt like switching from coal to a diamond. Your stories are very good and I love to read it. THANK YOU!!!!!!
I'm only reading the first page and it is very good! please keep it, I want to keep reading it. also descriptive
i think this page if more common to many pages but I think this book is the best I like these types of stories I'm glad I picked this book out I LOVE THIS STORY
Awsome book please dont take it down i want to keep reading it :( xxxx
I love this story have amazing writing skills and I simply love reading it. Keep the good work going! :)
This is a nice discovery so far :)
                                    btw. in my stories, my MC's last names are Moore and Underwood... it was really surprised when I saw both in this chapter.
                                    Moving onto the next chapter.