HHYL fanfic - Phoenix rising from the ashes (On Hold)

HHYL fanfic - Phoenix rising from the ashes (On Hold)

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ulli-blu By ulli-blu Updated Jun 23, 2016

This is a fanfic to hua hua you long about the origins of Lu Cang, as I imagined it. I don't own any of the main characters from the original novel/manhua by Xing Bao Ni and will take the fic down should I commit any copyright violation.

Since it's hhyl, the fanfic might contain reference to dubious or non-consent, violence and it definitely contains some man-on-man action ;-) So if you are not into boy love/yaoi, this one's not for you ;-)

The fanfic starts shortly after book three of the original novel.

For those readers who don't know the original novel, but want to read the fanfic (which is all in all a stand-alone story with some references to the original) - I added a short summit of Hua Hua You Long before the prologue of the fanfic.

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fujo46 fujo46 Aug 11, 2017
Sory ...just read ur before word the story . Lol . Dont know how to called it. U said, original novel have it 3 series? Really? I though only 2 series ..
Yaaaas girl i was searching like crazy to find a good hua hua you long fanfic. Omg thanks for writing this
fujo46 fujo46 Aug 11, 2017
Oh after read ur short summary about the book, i dont know when Lu Cang top Jing is in book 3 .. (Rong case) since the story i read is really short, i though thats just extra after epiloge book 2...
Ore-samada Ore-samada Apr 05
I want so much to know the rest of the story! Why is he in a prison? Injured? Will Jing save him? Will he forgive him? Can Lu Cang take revenge and find happiness with his beloved Jing?
YuliaRahayu8 YuliaRahayu8 Mar 25, 2016
Aduuh sy kudu bawa bawa kamus eng nih buat bisa baca nih cerita pdhal sy nungguu banget nih cerita thor apa ga bs nih pake bahasa Indonesia aja
Rain9096 Rain9096 Mar 25, 2016
Kyaaa~~ that story is so good, the hardcore one..  jing is so in love with lu cang even that king bandit was so stubborn as rock and had too much pride.. Oh So in love with their story, although the comic wasn't finished like the novel.. (>○<) ugh.. sorry for my blabbering.. :D