Sounds Under The Starless Sky. (LenKu) [EDITING]

Sounds Under The Starless Sky. (LenKu) [EDITING]

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look, I'm fine- By zakurakiri Updated Dec 21, 2018

Hatsune Miku, the girl who lost her beautiful voice after an accident, is living in a school. This school wasn't like any other school, it makes every child happy until he or she reaches the twentieth stage of their lifes.

She was lonely and sad. Her favourite hobby after losing her voice is playing the piano. She lived in this school since she was 7 years old, which means after losing her voice. She likes to be alone, that's why she's learning in her room in this school.

Kagamine Len, the popular boy in the school. He hates all the girls and doesn't like to talk to them. He was separated from his older sister, Kagamine Rin. His parents died when he was a little child.

What will happen if the two of them meet each other?

If I had any warning to write, then it'd be about this book containing a slight chance to contain mature content. No, not lemon, but language :3

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