Our Little Secret ||Lucas Coly|#Wattys2016|EDITING||

Our Little Secret ||Lucas Coly|#Wattys2016|EDITING||

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"We can't keep doing this she's my best friend"I studderely moaned out.

He caressed my thigh going higher reaching towards my skirt.

He put his finger to his lips saying.

"Shhh she won't have to find out.It will be our little secret."

kodienexkrazy kodienexkrazy Oct 10, 2016
Not really,cuz she didn't know,buh now dat she knows,she dont wanna do it again
QveenKyy QveenKyy Oct 23, 2016
I mean no she was drunk if anyone is wrong it's Lucas he knew he had a girl karma didn't no shid and she was drunk buttttt now she knows and if she dies it again then she's in the wrong also
CallMe_Giggles CallMe_Giggles Oct 11, 2016
Am I the only one that wanna prank call  this number right now
kyannna kyannna Oct 30, 2016
Hey I really enjoyed your story! You should post more! You are really good! If you wouldn't mind checking out my book The Underground's it would mean a lot ☺☺💖💖
MyowneDillard MyowneDillard Dec 24, 2016
She was being nasty and was out with him for one night but she ain't.know they was going out so I mean she not wrong he is
Kaaayyyla Kaaayyyla Jan 03
She's drunk so therefore she doesn't knows whats she is doin