Our Little Secret  || Lucas Coly [Completed]

Our Little Secret || Lucas Coly [Completed]

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Alone . 💔 By tha_bvstard Completed

"We can't keep doing this she's my best friend"I studderely moaned out.

He caressed my thigh going higher reaching towards my skirt.

He put his finger to his lips saying.

"Shhh she won't have to find out.It will be our little secret."

Wait tf lol??? Nah that's ur bishh bestfriend u gonna see her all the time
you jus now realizing dat ? 😭 been figured it out when you had ma nigga smeat in between dem lips
Oh we figured it out when u was sucking his dick in the car lol but it's whatever🙃
girl y'all met a second ago 😭 & you already touching up on my nigga , imma need you to pipe down
saniyah21345 saniyah21345 4 days ago
No cuss she aint know but she coulda told. I feel like Jaila heard though and finna turn on Karma😭