Alone, Together (Yu-Gi-Oh! WA 2017)

Alone, Together (Yu-Gi-Oh! WA 2017)

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Artemis Silver By ArtemisSilver478 Completed

After returning home from several months in an institution, Melvin emerges from his sane façade and goes back to doing what he does best;  being a sadistic psychopath.
Another part of his life is Bakura; the only good thing to ever happen to him.

Ryou, on the other hand, has hit rock bottom in his life and is trying to get back to where he was before.  He's been through and has seen it all. Now he's struggling to pay his rent and is working as hard as he can.

Melvin loses the keys to his apartment, and, without paying the rent of his own, stays with the selfless, pitying Ryou, who only lives a floor above him. Ryou is completely vulnerable- perfect for Melvin to take advantage and make his life even more of a living hell than it already is.

But what if it backfires?

What if Ryou is not as weak as he thought he was?

What if Ryou is the only one who understands the pain of being...alone?

(Other story: Guilty Pleasure)

(A/N:this story was written over the course of a year. My writing skill has improved over a year, so the first few chapters may be a little worse, but the writing has, hopefully, improved since when I first started. Please give me a chance!)

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- - Jan 08, 2017
I suppose I can deal with no lemon for now lol jk it's a good story
AnneAuthor AnneAuthor May 02, 2016
Bakura can parallel park?! he's even more powerful than we could have imagined...
bugattis bugattis Apr 30, 2016
This sounds pretty good. I already can't wait for the first chapter!
lol__no__ lol__no__ May 03, 2016
I just want to say I love this and I'm weeping fanboy tears of love :')
Twilight_Nova Twilight_Nova Aug 02, 2016
My mind... But.. The smell of lemons are good... 😏😏😏
kunimagicgirl kunimagicgirl Jul 16, 2016
XD Omg why do I love Melvins sense of humor.....oh wait I know why bc Im insane too but not homicidal I only have a f***** up mind XD