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That One Girl By lonelyypotato Completed

Sakura Haruno has always been the runt of the group.  Ever since the arrival of Sasuke Uchiha, things have gotten worse. She begins to isolate herself from everyone. Because of this, Sakura dencounces her title as shinobi, isolates herself, and devotes a life of seclusion.


(Completed 08/01/16)

DJ_Reaper DJ_Reaper May 17
W8 so if tsunade's gone who's the hokage? Oh w8 it's kakashi I forgot
Shiirasai Shiirasai Jun 11
How tf do you know about those stuffs Sasuke, pretty sure the shinobi world doesn't teach those stuffs.
I can't ! I just can't hate on sai! I don't know what to doooooo
phantomsigh phantomsigh Apr 28
This chapter is really great so far. Love the emotion I get through this. The only thing that I would change, though. would be the speech marks for when the characters are speaking because some of the punctuation is missing for them. It's just a suggestion, but this chapter is really good overall c:
Sasuke. Explain I bet if your mother found out about this she would be dissapointed
Well!😮You don't hear guys talking so freely about that often.I mean,my older brother just avoids that topic or walks off😅