The Son of Chaos: A Perciper Story

The Son of Chaos: A Perciper Story

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unlikelyfan By unlikelyfan Updated Mar 18

Percy and Piper are betrayed in the worst way possible by those closest to them. They decide to run away from Camp Half-blood and leave their past behind. After months alone, they are on the verge of death, but they are saved.
I'm trying to leave some mystery because of all the identical Son of Chaos stories out there.

Mature Language Warning. 

Possible lemon in the future. Not even I know yet.

This is the Son of Chaos story I want to read, bada**ness ahead.

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I just imagined that on a human on accident... a horrid thought.
RyoHellfire RyoHellfire Feb 17
This is great for a first story...I mean my first story chapters Were to quick and TERRIBLE!!
I am the only one who wants to rip out Jason's throat then rip off his cock
PercaBethHater PercaBethHater Dec 04, 2017
They are going to be hurt very badly by monsters, and chaos is going to find them, they fall in love, possibly smash, go back to CHB, and then do something crazy.
and gets stabbed by a purple unicorn manticore hybrid and barfs rainbows.
PercaBethHater PercaBethHater Dec 04, 2017
makes me - *wattpad admins look at James with an evil eye* -NEVER MIND