The Beautiful Secret  ( Vanoss x Reader)

The Beautiful Secret ( Vanoss x Reader)

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ayeitsyaboi By ayeitsyaboi Updated Aug 22, 2016

Cover creds to Gomen on Tumblr :)

        Hi everyone! It's PrettyCoolPizza here, or as some know me Alex! 
Jk, this isn't a YouTube video it's WattPad duh!!  Anyways, Alex isn't a normal guy Youtuber. He's well actually a girl.  (Y/N) is her real name. She just uses that name instead of her actual name. She uses a soundboard to make herself sound like a guy. 
Her Face isn't a problem either since she hasn't shown her face to her subscribers or YouTube friends. That's her big secret. 
She currently has 6.7 million subscribers. If you're wondering why she pretends to be a guy, well read the book! ;)
      Also yes she is part of the 'Vanoss Crew' .   
Leave a vote, Comment and share with your friends, and as always I hope ye' enjoyed the video.

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tbh i wish i can find a decent voice changer, I want to voice chat with my online friends that i known for a few years, but i dont want them knowing my gender (and yea we known each other for so long and they still dont know my gender). I tried using some but they are just not good :c
terroH2oVanoladd terroH2oVanoladd Apr 02, 2017
That actually sounds so cute and gay. I didn't want to insult anyone i'm sorry if i did😁. Its just something i've never heard guys say to eachother😅
MrKeefMan MrKeefMan Dec 30, 2016
When u said nada I thought it said Zelda. I really need to stop reading fast
CoreTheMaker CoreTheMaker Jan 25, 2017
*thinks intensely* 
                              -in thoughts-
                              All the dudes: "THATS HOT."
Kawaii_Krazy_Kiwi Kawaii_Krazy_Kiwi Nov 15, 2016
Hi my name's Alex but my real name is Alex bcuz i  am actually a girl named Alex so ye...
Hey could you check out my new Vanoss X Reader story called "Indebted to Vanoss"? I'm not forcing anyone to read but I'd appreciate if you could check it out. :3