A Wonderful Disaster: A Drarry Fanfic

A Wonderful Disaster: A Drarry Fanfic

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Harry can't seem to find out what's wrong with him. He's got a good life, a beautiful wife, and three amazing kids. So why does it feel wrong?

Draco hates his life as-is. His wife is ready to divorce him for anyone on her string of lovers and his son doesn't really care about him. But what could fix it all?

When these two souls mingle once again for the first time since Hogwarts, it can only be described as a wonderful disaster.

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If u mention that shiz one more time I'm going to stop reading
imteyanna imteyanna Jun 09, 2017
It took him a wife and three kids to realize he was gay 😐
DaffodilFeels DaffodilFeels Feb 26, 2017
I did not need to know that babe, some things are best kept to yourself.
DaffodilFeels DaffodilFeels Feb 26, 2017
Thanks Harry, babe, I don't think I could have lived without knowing that very interesting fact.
- - Sep 20
Dear author, might I ask where the name Astoria came from? It's really nice..
Ugh I came here for some sweet drarry fluff not freaking incest