wonderland // tyler joseph + twenty one pilots

wonderland // tyler joseph + twenty one pilots

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oliver By dancingallalone Completed

i willed myself to believe that it was all just a bad dream, but then i remembered. 

how long is forever?

sometimes, one second.


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elwright157236 elwright157236 Jul 18, 2017
My friends had a teacher in middle school that failed kids so often that her boss had to tell her "if you fail one more student you will be fired" and so she gave kids a low D instead.
save_the_whisperer save_the_whisperer Jun 03, 2017
Kinda me? I am like both introverted and extroverted. I can't remember the name for it? Amnivert? Something anyway.😂 it's nearly 2am shush
FallingxUp FallingxUp Apr 28, 2017
I was gonna stay silent but the moment Seth gets mentioned, my teenage self reappears and it's all over.
                              Seth for life.
DoNotJinxMe DoNotJinxMe Apr 18
Doesn't he need to know your last name for marriage vows? 😂
KayleeDuschka KayleeDuschka Sep 28, 2017
You see I liked gale in the beginning but I didn't like him anymore when he betrayed katniss and Peeta to the capitol then by the end I started liking peeta
save_the_whisperer save_the_whisperer Jun 03, 2017
In Ireland, we spell it 'Kieva'... tbh Irish names are really weirdly wonderful