Azrael's Stop

Azrael's Stop

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Lucas J.W. Johnson By LucasJWJohnson Completed

They say that people go there when they're ready to die. They say Death himself is a patron. That's where the tavern gets its name. Azrael's Stop. Watering hole for the Angel of Death.

But that's just rumour. Ceph doesn't trade in rumour. He just serves drinks. Except, of course, that every couple of weeks, someone dies at Azrael's Stop.

Azrael’s Stop is an experimental fiction and music project, about life, death, and friendship. It is the story of a mystical tavern and how the people who go there develop over the course of a year: Ceph, the seventeen-year-old bartender who has seen all his loved ones die; Tom, the depressed old man, whom death will not take; Rye, who visits every day, though he died a year ago; Nael, the blind minstrel who saw war too young; Lona, the mysterious hunter of the dead; Trin, the girl who refuses to deal with her past; and the crow who watches over it all, cawing only when someone dies in Azrael's Stop.

Azrael's Stop is part of a larger storytelling project by Silverstring Media, Inc., and is best enjoyed accompanied by the Azrael's Stop Official Soundtrack, which includes music referenced in this story. To learn more, and to purchase the album, go to

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Jae-Bear Jae-Bear May 07, 2015
This is REALLY interesting, and I don't read a lot of books on Wattpad. Very nice intro ^_^
JamesHalladay5 JamesHalladay5 Sep 17, 2014
yo this is awesome its inspirational and dark impersonal yet in your face more than your usual novel
kavithanair911 kavithanair911 Jul 11, 2014
I'm reading it coz it starts with death... beautiful beginning...
anthonyholloway41 anthonyholloway41 Jun 28, 2014
thank you for writing this book I hope you continue to make another chapter 
                              I had a nightmare but that's another time I'll tell you when I get the chance
LOLOSWaaattpad LOLOSWaaattpad Jun 16, 2014
I read this book a few months ago... there's a shocking twist in it you wont see  coming.      WHY!!
YueAzrael YueAzrael Apr 23, 2014
This is actually one of the best stories I have ever read. It is very compelling. But what really got me the most is how it made me start to think more about life. This really gets you into analyzing every statement, every line. This is full of meaning. :D
                              I am now a very big BIG FAN :D