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Émilie By EmilieMartin1127 Updated Dec 22, 2016

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Team: Colorado Avalanche

That day was a special day: it has been  a year since my little girl was born. I wanted her to have a big birthday party, even though I know that when she will get older she will not remember it.

She was still sleeping on the couch in Matt's arms while I was decorating the house. The problem with my boyfriend is that he's always choosing the easiest thing to do. For exemple, if he has to choose between watching his girl sleeping or decorating the house, he will prefer to watch his girl sleep. 

That day was very stressful because we were going to receive at least 50 people or more. My family and Matt's family were coming, and some friends. So everything had to be perfect. But Matt didn't really care about it. 

"Are you finished Katy?" He whispered enough loud for me to ear it. 

"Well I have to go to buy her a gift." 

"Do you know how many gifts she will receive from our families and friends? We should keep our money to buy fo...

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