I'm Back Bitches

I'm Back Bitches

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Alliy_reject By AllisonKer Updated Oct 13, 2016

Carson Anderson, she's the Omega. She gets pushed around. She has to cook and clean for her pack. Nobody stands up for her. Not even her own brother. She puts up with this ever since her mother was killed by rogues. 


"Why are you on my land rogue!" Said a demanding voice from behind me. 

I turn too look at them. There is 4 guys. Two of them look like twins. They have the least amount of power radiating off of them. Third in commands. Next was the beta. Then the guys who asked the question. Alpha. 

"Answer me rouge!" He shouted in his alpha voice. 

"I-I ran from my p-pack." I say lowly. But because of wolf hearing they could hear me. 

"Duh." Said one of the twins. 

"Why." The beta said in a little bit of a softer voice. 

"They a-abused me. Then my mate r-rejected me." I said. This time I let the tears flow for my eyes. 

I heard a low and scary growl come for all of the boys. 

"How dare he reject his own mate." The alpha says.

EvilCupidXD EvilCupidXD Aug 19, 2016
oh wow strongest pack and yr a white wolf? totally didnt see tat coming *note sarcasm*
SaRaHtHeFaBu SaRaHtHeFaBu May 19, 2016
Of course got to see that coming I mean All packs has twins right😌
sportychicklol sportychicklol Jul 18, 2016
I can't help but laugh at what the phone case cover says!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
PbGaming PbGaming Aug 02, 2016
I love that outfit and the everything plus I really want that phone case