The Lilly in the Glade

The Lilly in the Glade

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Sam By SamanthaWolf7777 Updated Jul 25

The gladers didn't think that things could get any weirder, until she came up. Another girl, this time, she was very young. The girl is definitely not normal and a mysterious vibe comes from her. Who is she?
Trigger Warning: some stuff may be pretty heavy so be careful please!

(Also, THX SO MUCH FOR 17K READS!!!! It means so much to me that you all really like my hard work. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it)

All characters (except my own of course) and the story belong to James Dashner

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Dude alby your rude to let the poor girl die in the maze...
                                   Bleh to you!!
Viviana_Luna Viviana_Luna Mar 07, 2016
So is this girl, why is she so fast, will there be another one, find out next time on maze runner fan fiction