Torture //J.S fan fic// {Completed}

Torture //J.S fan fic// {Completed}

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* warning I wrote this book when I was obsessed with Jacob sartorius and it's horrible so don't judge me because you chose to read this book!! Helpful comments would be great but mean ones are not acceptable*

Nicol Green only child. Lives with her father and Stepmother. She has a step sister but she doesn't really matter. Nicol is bullied by the one and only Jacob Sartorius. When she thought that her life was getting worst she found a friend. That friend helped her and cared. She thought her life was getting better only for it to get worst. 

If you do self harm please PM me. I'm here for you don't be afraid to talk to Me. I'm a very helpful potato. 

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Aly_Sartorius_14 Aly_Sartorius_14 Sep 10, 2016
I acutally like the idea of Jacob being the bully instead of like her crush.
Sassy_Sartorius112 Sassy_Sartorius112 Jun 23, 2016
Hey guess what? My name is Emily too!! Except we spell our differently.
I'm not gonna lie I was listening to that song run and it was timed so perfectly 😂😂😂
candyishealthy04 candyishealthy04 Nov 28, 2016
Wait so will she and jacob get together?? Or will he stay a bully?
leenbby leenbby Dec 18, 2016
ok so Nicol is Victoria . No offence but she doesn't look 13..?
hurryblurry hurryblurry Dec 22, 2016
I can tell you're a middle schooler who tries to be cool LMAO