Luna (ManxBoyxMan - MPreg) ( ON HOLD)

Luna (ManxBoyxMan - MPreg) ( ON HOLD)

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The Lunar Pack, Crescent Pack, and the Dawn-Moon Pack were sworn enemies. They hated each other with a burning passion. Ever since the early eighteen-hundreds, they clashed and battled each other until one pack would win. Although the packs were strong, mighty fighters, their morals and virtues were the reason why they hated each other. 

Michael, a wolf of the Lunar pack, is a shy, insecure, and intelligent teenage boy who is the younger brother of the Alpha. He stands in the shadow of of his older brother. Everything for Michael was typical for the younger brother of the leader of his pack. He uses water magic to heal his fallen pack members, while his brother uses his magic as a weapon for killing. No one paid attention to him at all, until one day he found out he had two mates.

Fang , alpha of the Crescent pack and user of fire magic. He's the most hot-headed person known to the supernatural kind. He hates everything. And I mean everything. His fiery temper matches his fiery abilities. But there was only one thing he cared about. His mate. When he finds out Michael is a wolf of the Lunar Pack and has two mates, one being himself, his temper raises to a new-found rage. He. Does. Not. Like. Sharing. 

Vayne, alpha of the Dawn-Moon pack, user of earth magic, and has highly barbaric personality when it comes time to hurt someone. Even though he's portrayed as a bulky and menacing Vayne has a sensitive side, only seen by his young mate, Michael. Vayne gets used to the fact that Michael has two mates and copes with the fact that he has to share. He showers Michael with flowers, chocolate, and other lovely things. 

Learning to cope, Fang learns that nothing will change Vayne's love for Michael. They were made for each other. No mater what.

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SaraphinaAndre13 SaraphinaAndre13 Apr 04, 2017
I like how he says he never wants to see them 3 again but says his dau has gotten a million times better 😯
Michael in the bathroom at a party! No You can't come in, I'm waiting it out till it's time to leave! Picking at grout as I softly grieve! I'm just Michael who you don't know! Michael flying solo! Michael in the bathroom by himself!
                              Ahem...I'm done now
aquadarkrose aquadarkrose Nov 30, 2017
This is ironic cause I was just reading a fanfic with the name Michael.
Omg smol lil angel, staph them 。゚(゚^ิД^ิ゚)゚。
jenifer3298 jenifer3298 Apr 06, 2017
I have a kid at my school named Trent and legit spits about 50 times in a minute
lilingppg007 lilingppg007 Dec 30, 2016
Do they not care that their mate was pretty much stabbed and abused by his pack members?