Raped by my Teacher

Raped by my Teacher

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mysecret16 By mysecret16 Updated Oct 30, 2017

Jessica Doucette is a normal high school student. She is 16 years old and her life is pretty normal until one day her extremely hot math teacher Mr. Mason gives her after school detention. Little does Jessica know that Mr. Mason has much more in stored than extra homework and lots of math notes.

Warning this book is rated mature and it does have rape in it and it may make you feel angry or upset so please do not read if you are sensitive to this subject.

But for the others  please enjoy reading this tragic story about a girl who overcomes events in her life and forgives when she really should feel hate.

  • student
  • teacher
  • tragedy
  • violence
MackenzieE5 MackenzieE5 Aug 12, 2017
I graduated highschool last year and I still don't get algebra
imsucha_hottie imsucha_hottie Nov 07, 2017
what the? is the teacher allowed to cuss like that? the faqqqqqq hahahaaha
briannaisbest briannaisbest Jun 16, 2017
For the people who flagged this book I have to say you DID give them a warning
YayILoveReading YayILoveReading Nov 03, 2017
4th grade I have algebra shhhhhhhhhhh who said that 😂😂😅
Coco1738 Coco1738 Mar 07, 2016
I would swear that I read this book before...what happened ?
Liysuia Liysuia Jul 04, 2016
EWW! My name is Sara and incase you're wondering it's S-A-R-A but no H's cuz H's are WEE!