Stay  (Fred Weasley)

Stay (Fred Weasley)

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Evelyn Reeves is transferring from Ilvermorny to Hogwarts since her father has gotten a new job working for the ministry in Britain. At Hogwarts she meets Fred and George Weasley, they become good friends and she becomes even better friends with Fred. Throughout her years at Hogwarts she experiences family drama, love, and hardship. Fred is there for her every step of the way.
  JK Rowling owns all of the characters and some of the plot. I own my characters (Evelyn, Warren, their parents, etc.)

L0ve2Dr3am L0ve2Dr3am 4 days ago
in all technicalities, this is the song the sorting hat used in the Philosophers Stone... not the one from the Prisoner or Azkaban... just so you know.
L0ve2Dr3am L0ve2Dr3am 4 days ago
if shes american, how does she know so much about Slytherin.... she doesn't seem the kind to do extra reading over the summer...
Austerailia Austerailia 4 days ago
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I love it when people with accents are talking about you having the accent its so fun and makes you feel special. (just me?)
I was just calm, reading over the words and I definitely didn't expect this 😂😂😂 although, love the slytherins #houseunity
Anything from the Trolley, dears?
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