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Alpha adopted Me

Alpha adopted Me

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LoverofantasyX By LoverofantasyX Completed

I am a werefox. Yes, a were fox,
I am somehow mixed werewolf, and fox.
Cover By: Romantictaku {I spelled that right... Right?} Thx so much!
Meet River Harkins. only three years old. She is adopted by werewolf Alpha Alexander Stone, Afraid and was once beat by her family, Will she open up for his pack as His daughter? Or will she hide and stay in dark shadows?
Another Alpha adopts her as Alpha Alexander changes. Will she open up for Alpha Brandon or will she stay in her little bubble of fear?
Or will she go back to Alexander when she realizes what has happened.

I snap my head up shaking, Wolves were crawling forwards, a look of hunger clear in their eyes. I dash away and they howl signaling the hunt. I glance around when I was in a clearing and no one followed. I look up to see multiple of the same wolves surrounding me. one wolf was extremely larger than the others. I growl and my fur bristles making me look twice the height. after a moment all the wolves except the large one dash off and I'm left alone. I cower back when the large wolf steps forward.

* silently brings out katanas but Levi makes me put them back*
                              Levi; no
unicornbowtie unicornbowtie Aug 26, 2016
Can you please start writing who's pov it is because I became a bit confused, thank you :)
Okay, darling? As sweet as it is for you to adopt her, you don't know if she ran away or got lost from home. Unless you can break the fourth wall; if so, carry on
He maybe sensed a female in heat and fought another over her ?
SofiraCloud SofiraCloud Apr 19, 2016
Get him to a vet!!!! OMG is your cat alright? Did the competitor have rabies?
liquids12 liquids12 May 28, 2016
Make sure to clean it then put some coconut oil on it it will help the wound heal faster