The Dome (Part 1 of the KaiSoo Fanfic Series)

The Dome (Part 1 of the KaiSoo Fanfic Series)

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KaiSoo Trash By kfnye98 Completed

In the year 2020, the world as humanity knew it came to an end after The Invasion. Now, the remainder of humans live in a secluded habitat called The Dome, whose goal is to find a way to keep mankind thriving. On Jongin's 18th birthday, he, like all the other citizens of The Dome, is assigned to a job that he will be expected to perform for the rest of his natural life. However, right as he begins to take his place in his dystopian society, he starts to realize that the world he lives in is not what he thinks it is.

"Don't you see, Jongin, this is the whole reason you're here. Everything you know, everything They've taught you is a lie. You're living in the heart of the greatest lie this world has ever seen."

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Namaeyi Namaeyi Mar 14
I like how this is moving.. reminds me of many goverment mind control movies 👏
Namaeyi Namaeyi Mar 14
Your rock!! I hope. I'm sure the book gonna be awesome!! I already finished by the will of love a while ago and damn that was one  amazing book and story. Im glad I finally started this one too after keeping it in my library forev!!
Aye that's the year I graduate. What a good way to start the year
If Jongin turns eighteen in 2020 in this book, then hes only two years older than me. WOAH
exodyum exodyum May 07
does that mean they have no math bc math = thinking soooooooo
but anyways I finally read and watched the giver so a bitch is set