The Ghost In My Room

The Ghost In My Room

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BroxDre By BroxDre Updated Nov 27

"You're really a ghost." I said, brown orbs wide. 

"Yes, you can close your mouth now." He said, smirking his infuriating smirk again. 

"Damned to my bedroom for all eternity?" I asked, with a teasing smile of my own.

 A frown married his devilish good looks. "It seemed a lot better before you said that." Pressing his finger to my lips, his cold, green eyes gazed into my own. "I think I prefer you with your mouth closed, little mouse."

When quite, awkward Zei moves into an old house, the last thing she expects to find is a cocky, arrogant ghost who resides in her bedroom.

Finding no way to get rid of him, she finds herself stuck with an inhumanely handsome supernatural being. With stark white tousled hair, forest green orbs and chiselled good looks, he looks nothing like what ghosts are supposed to look like.
And rather than haunt her, he instead, enjoys to spend his time following her around and insulting her at every opportunity he gets. 

But there is far more to him than he reveals. She is about to find out the ghost in her room isn't the only damned creature out there.
And he isn't the only one hiding secrets.

I love this book already and I know I'm going to beg for updates because I can't stand cliffhangers even though they do make the book a lot more interesting. I can't wait for this to finish so I can read the whole thing!!!!
Your writing is perfect! I can't remember the last time I read a book that spoke to me like this (I really can't)! You have true talent! Please keep it up :)
- - Jun 11
A very rude one indeed!  I wouldn't mind having one in my room.. I seems to enjoy rude company sometimes.. give me reason to fight :p
maria_hakim maria_hakim Mar 25
I really like this book, I'm glad I found it! You write extremely well! Keep up the good work ❤️👌
This is going to be such a beautiful book I can already tell
miaandme2 miaandme2 May 11
You actually have some mistakes....maybe it's better if you recheck....just saying...but the story is really nice...