Who am I?

Who am I?

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The Kakashi fans By loversofnaruto Updated Jun 24

6 years is when they were taken away from him.. His beloved girlfriend murdered and his little girl taken from him.. He had been on a mission at the time. Leaving him devastated when he heard the news.. He never got to meet his little girl.. But he knew she would be a strong girl... His girlfriend had been murdered only days after she had given him his daughter, that he had witnessed. That, he didn't want to be reminded off. He still grieved.. He Had a dream, a dream to find his little girl and actually be her father. He had never felt so much pain to see his girlfriend dead in the lounge. The only family he had left was his little girl. Some His girlfriends family members were alive, but they had no idea about him and his daughter being related to them. He wanted to see his baby Girl so badly.. Just to hold his daughter.. But he couldn't, he hadn't given up and often looked around on missions when he was alone to find anything. Determined to find the girl he never met.. 


When Kasumi finally escapes from a abusive family and home she meets jiraiya, Sakura and Naruto on their way back from a mission. There Kasumi makes new friends, finds new information and finds out information not even Kasumi knows herself. 


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- - Oct 19, 2016
I remembered what my mum once told me. She told me that instead of being hold like a normal baby i was hold literally in hands and there was space left! I jut couldn't believe I was so tiny! And now there is no trance (?) Of me being tiny in the past anymore if you know what I mean.