My Alpha Mate (An Riren Fanfic) (Werewolf AU)[My Best Book, #1 Book Of My Books]

My Alpha Mate (An Riren Fanfic) (Werewolf AU)[My Best Book, #1 Book Of My Books]

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After I placed the tray down I was able to get a wiff of his sent, it was a musky smell with a hint of mint. It over powered me and made me feel weak. 

"Your that omega aren't you" his voice was the same as it was when I heard it through the door and yet again it sent shivers down my spine. I wanted to look but I wasn't going to. 

"Y-yes sir" I shutter.

"Don't call me sir. You will a dress me as Alpha" my body started to hear up at the sound of his voice. This is bad. I need to leave. 

"Yes Alpha"

"So you went and got yourself pregnant" your wrong. 

"It's not like I wanted to get pregnant"

"Maybe but you still went out and had sex, I bet you fucked your whole pack, your just a dirty little slut, then you think you can just come here and expect me to let you stay" when he was finished I was crying my eyes out. Petra was wrong. He wasn't nice at all. 

"Your wrong" I whimper. 

"How so?" He questions me.

"I was saving myself for my mate, but father had to ruin that, letting a patrol wolf to do whatever he wanted. I felt disgusted. All I wanted then was my mate to come and rescue me. I wanted my first time to be special" I cry out in frustration.

I look up and meet his gaze and I wish I hadn't. Our eyes lock and my tears stopped from the shock.

Barloc's words ran through my mind over and over "mate, mate, mate, mate, mate" Barloc rants in my head.


Carla Jeager was pregnant with a baby boy but the day Eren was born, Carla was killed because Eren was an omega.

From that day on Eren's life has been hell. Though he had Mikasa and Armin to help him.

But when Eren turned 18 he was sold to a different pack all because his father, the Alpha did not want any omegas in his pack.

But what happens when the Alpha of his new pack turns out to be his mate. 

Who would have thought that Eren was mated to an Alpha but not just any Alpha but 'humanity's strongest Alpha'.


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ilove_riren ilove_riren Sep 12
Aight so you're just gonna snap her neck and then blame your son who couldn't help that he was born an omega... Alright.
W H A T 
                              T H E
                              E V E R
                              L I V I N G
                              B R E A T H I N G
Well oh snap. He blames eren for the death of his wife when was the who kill her.
I wouldn't i'm to lazy (even though I have a really long story that took a long time to write or type) :3
wiredshut wiredshut Jul 20
The classic " mom is going to die in the first or second episode" hairstyle