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Converting The Rich Boy

Converting The Rich Boy

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Jelli909 By Jelli909 Completed

"I can't be with you." I whispered, tracing my hands down his arm. The blank stare he gave me was clear that he was trying to stay strong. He hated showing his feelings and I knew that he did.

"Why?" His deep voice cracked. The French accent I grew to love seemed as if it had faded along with his emotions. 

"We don't come from the same community," Tears trickled at the corner of my eyes. "You're from the richest family in LA and I'm just a transfer from Colorado. I'm in the middle class and for crying sakes, I'm black. You're white and we just don't mix." I lied and with every word my heart broke a bit more.

"Does that really matter?" He stepped dangerously close to me. His hot breath fanning down my face now as we locked eyes. His beautiful green eyes staring down at me. 

I nodded. "Can I tell you something?" Once again I nodded, feeling slightly dumb for repeating the same actions.

"I'm in love with you Milan Foster."

michellv_ michellv_ Apr 13
I'm from Venezuela jajjajaja. I'm just practice my English. Other than that, i like the history
lxvelly lxvelly Mar 09
i thought she was gon gimme her social security number wit all this info
mortalbook mortalbook Mar 13
It's not about looking better than someone, it's just about you knowing that you look equally good as them🤷🏾‍♀️ #feminist
Dang I wouldn't be surprised if she told me my whole life story
Something I always say, if you don't have fashion sense you wont look good. Period. You can have the most expensive taste and still look trash.
Forever 21 is the shít tho! I love that store just bought some stuff from there today and it was on and poppin!