Well-written, engaging and completed Werewolf Stories

Well-written, engaging and completed Werewolf Stories

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zofka1984 By zofka1984 Updated 5 days ago

I have been a ghost on wattpad for quite some time now, reading stories within the werewolf genre. For my own benefits, I have added the best of the best in this book. I find that sometimes they are overshadowed by all the not so good that I read and therefore I needed a place just for those perfect books whose authors I really enjoy.

I am slowly publishing the list, because I know how difficult it is to find that brilliant book on wattpad - like a needle in a haystack. Well consider this book a magnet - a guide for you to maybe discover some of those great books.

All the books featured are completed and the chapters dedicated to their authors, all of whom should know what great talent they have. 

For all you wattpad ghosts out there, enjoy!


-effete- -effete- Oct 10
Oh crap. Yes. I remember. Orange in French is orange.. just pronounced differently, right? Am I remembering it right? Hahahaha
                              This is embarrassing..
Thank you!!! I have read most of these but always looking for something new. Now if you could make a list for every genre I wouldn't have to waste 3-5 chapters seeing if the book is worth the read or not.
Wait we are TOTALLY talking a bout a different book😂😂😂
Tash91 Tash91 Oct 09
I like this already! I'm trying to write a series and I'm told that the start of my first book tends to sound a little cliche although it gets better as it goes. I still have a lot to learn and you have just given excellent advice!
-effete- -effete- Oct 10
I thought it was orange.. hahaha
                              I tried learning French by myself once.. it obviously didn't go well.
Omg! Lmao. 😂
                              Based on your introductory I can tell I will definitely be enjoying the books you have posted on here, & I definitely think you have the spunk that it takes to be a writer if you really wanted to. 
                              Amen to the no more cheesy as f*ck werewolf stories. Lol