The pedophile next door. myg + jjk

The pedophile next door. myg + jjk

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hiatus。 By potatosoo Updated Oct 19

'Thanks to Namjoon, I am now gay.'

'Are you hungry for some dick though?'

Jungkook just fucks with his neighbor, okay?
And, he just ends up being a pedophile after all, aww what a shame, right you sick and pervert people?

This is not pedophilia. There's a word for dat huge age gap but its NOT pedophilia. Jungkook is in puberty, a teenager. He's 15 not 5 it doesn't count as pedophilia and in germany their relationship would even be legal. Buuuut I'm still excited for this story tho :3
The fluffy black hair from back when they were fetuses *squeals*
eh it ain't that bad tbh like this would legit be legal in some countries
otaku_lala otaku_lala Jul 02
                              Just imagine past jungkook with near future yoongi..nice
Actually, Yoongi would be a ephebophile because Jungkook is 15. Because Jungkook is in his mid-to-late adolescence. A pedophile is someone who's attracted to kids barely hitting and/or before puberty.
Sungrin96 Sungrin96 Jul 06
It's SugaKookie right? Not KookGa right? Yoongi top and Kookie bot right? 😂