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Harold Styles By NoItsLouehh Completed

Authors note: 

BEFORE U READ. this is my first ever fanfic so its a little carroty. it also doesnt have a very good plot its just kinda all of the place at the moment. So i apologize in advance.

On addition I am currently trying to remake and edit this book in 2018 so if you're reading this note, hi this book may not make sense for a while.

"Dirty fucking slag," I felt my body tense under his tight hold. Hands held onto the top of my shirt as my body lay against the side of the school brick wall. 

No one was insight, besides a few off Louis Tomlinson's friends who were snickering and laughing to what was happening in front of them. It was as if I was a movie, one of the characters who they enjoyed watching in pain. 

Horrible words kept rolling off his tongue as he made snide comments about my appearance. Over the years I told myself to hold my tears back,but today I felt like I was ready to break.

I never understood how this boy was seen as a complete angel to everyone else but a...

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iconicpezzie iconicpezzie Apr 22, 2016
This is a really great chapter, I can't wait to read more of your book!
-minyoongay -minyoongay Oct 09, 2016
Oliver White,Marcus Butler,Zoe Sugg,Joe Sugg. DAYYUUUMMM I LOVE THESE YOUTUBERS