Body Language. Queen

Body Language. Queen

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Hello Midnight Lover By MichaelAndQueen Updated Jan 03

Freddie Mercury, the flamboyant eccentric frontman who just so happens to have the label as quite the manwhore, wants Brian May, the curly haired , quiet guitarist.
He has done for years, he thinks he's gorgeous.

Then again...
Roger and John secretly want each other too...

Freddie is lonely. 
Can Roger and John help him win over Brian?

Does Rogers own problems get in the way with John?
Can John fully accept himself?

Will all of their pasts get scraped up and cause disturbances between them all?

Why can't Freddie read Brian's body language like he can other people's?

Does Freddie stop sleeping around?
Does Freddie win Brian?
Do Roger and John get together?

Whose Charlie?

(A lot of swearing, sex talk and...well, sex. You have been warned! OH AND A HELL OF A LOT OF DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!)

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Ezilithoba Ezilithoba Feb 10, 2017
This story is amazing
                              I love it <3
                              It's one of the best shipping fanfics I've ever read