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Billionaire's Revenge(Slow updates)

Billionaire's Revenge(Slow updates)

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Zaa-Ali By ZAaali Updated Mar 17

G,high school Cheer leader,Popular,Princess is not the right word to explain her...
    People heard her saying many times.
    Yes, that's who she is... a god or a devil.
    Every girl want to be friends with her ,every guy want to date her ...except one .
    He is aloof , keeps to himself , does not chase G like a puppy . It always bothered her.  
    When she was challenged that she can not attract Max, she accepted it. 
    She wanted to test her charms too.
    "Can her resist me?Is there anyone in the world who can resist me?"
    G bets her friends that she will get Max in bed and she did .It was so easy as the guy already had  a secret crush on her ...
    "poof... very easy...these insects"
    Life is not high school .When life hits G after high school she is devastated .She used to be a good student but looks like it did not count .
    One day she see a newspaper add,asking people to apply for scholarship .She applies and she was accepted and sent to the Indiana university for graduation . She was suppose to work for the sponsor's company for ten years .Otherwise she would have to return the money which was impossible.
    She was more than happy,life was giving her a chance again,she was about to shine again .............but there was a problem,a tiny little one.It was Max's company ...the guy she fooled and took to bed in high school. 
    There was still hope ...
    If he did not recognize her .
    Would he ?
    All rights reserved , please don't copy my work. 
    I am so excited,cant wait to write it,are you ?

seriousgeek seriousgeek Apr 17, 2016
Itd be good if the book was properly formatted into paragraphs with correct use of punctuation. It'd look so much better :)
ZAaali ZAaali Mar 15, 2016
Still it's just the how the guy feels. You may disagree.  This is the basic conflict ofvthe story.
Sapphire1326 Sapphire1326 Aug 01, 2016
I'm gonna be honest o can't edit for shite why don't you just use Gramercy
CsongsandMoviesH CsongsandMoviesH Jun 30, 2016
Update it's going to b3 a different kind of story i love it already
jenniferwoodwar jenniferwoodwar Jun 11, 2016
She had sex with a guy. Max. I'm guessing he found out about the bed she made and now he's angry about having his virginity ripped away by a girl who doesn't care about him so he's saying he was rapped by her in a way. Emotionally at least.
ZAaali ZAaali Apr 06, 2016
I will , in sometime ... 
                              Its cooking in my mind .  but i need to finish Tango first .