A Bloody Beast

A Bloody Beast

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Himlata By Himlata Updated Jan 05, 2017

Mya, intelligent ,innocent, annoying virgin. Graduated high school with the best grades of the year. Of course she would apply for a job at the best companies. Well the employer of hers don't give a damn  about feelings , what so ever. The minute she walked in the office he knew she was something that belong to his mother. He would've stayed mute and not spill a word to her. His plan was ruin when she saw what was forbidden for her eye sight. He couldn't have killed her like a regular human tho. They were obviously consequences. He abducted her instead. Secretes will obviously be revealed. He some how find an interest in her or it's her that was interested in him. 

Liam is the royal vampire , along with his sister. He is cruel, carefree and always gets his desires.  Liam and Mya may have done something , which may have led to a beautiful, spectacular being. It was not suppose to exist tho.


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- - Oct 11, 2016
I already read this there was more than four chapters. What's going on?!
marshycakes marshycakes Oct 02, 2016
My Social Studies Teacher is too. Minus the fact that my old teacher is a Satan Spawn-,  -and hideous- him and this guy might just get along. .
itzAzxx itzAzxx Mar 07, 2017
Lol I don't mind because after Sliver and Red book I couldnt help reading more your writing it is soo good😍😍❤
head-of-lettuce head-of-lettuce Oct 12, 2016
Although I hate the word "Panties", that first sentence is perfection.
marshycakes marshycakes Oct 02, 2016
No kidding your not this beautiful. He is clearly the equivalent to an immortal God. And your just an average, possibly good looking human. .
head-of-lettuce head-of-lettuce Oct 12, 2016
"I want to cut cheese on that jaw line," lol I'm gonna start saying this