MRS HART ↬ [RM + MH]✔️

MRS HART ↬ [RM + MH]✔️

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pluto✖️ By hurricanerilaya Completed

Riley the bad girl of the school. Gets detention a lot. Every teacher hates her. Maya the new substitute teacher for Mrs. Thompson, married to Lucas Friar, what happens when these two worlds collide.

"She's your teacher and she's married!"

"Do I care?"



Maryhaa078 Maryhaa078 Jul 25
I know its photoshoped but dang does Rowan look good with a lip ring.
rileyytown rileyytown Apr 22
Everyone is saying that they'd take to two weeks "off", but really the detention would be better because suspension shows up on ur permanent record
corruptedcrank corruptedcrank May 17, 2016
*cue taylor swift*
                              Cause baby now we've got bad blood, you know it used to be mad love so take a look what you've done, cause baby now we've got bad blood
Apsalo Apsalo Nov 13, 2016
not sure if I like this story, guess i'll read a little more before I decide
Apsalo Apsalo Nov 13, 2016
wow, and I mean wow.... were will this end up, maya married to lucas is already a likk joy for me
Kamryn-H Kamryn-H Jul 04, 2016
Okay I'm sorry I just wanted to comment on the fact that you said it is accepted. As opposed to what I assume you meant: not accepted.