Daddy's princess

Daddy's princess

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Radha Bieber By biebersbabygirl96 Updated Feb 06

who are you babygirl?

I'm daddy's princess

thats right kitten 

And guess what 

What daddy? 

you're all mine Princess! 

When Canada's most biggest CEO Justin Drew Bieber visits an auction to buy a new babygirl; he stumbles upon the cutest, most beautiful, innocent babygirl. He instantly falls head over heels for her innocence and wants to capture it before anyone else does!

ello_love3526 ello_love3526 Jul 06, 2016
I have a pacifer so I don't bite on plastic. My brother and I love to chew on plastic so I got is a pacifier.
AlexisIsAWeirdo AlexisIsAWeirdo Mar 21, 2016
She cheats on you with a pizza boy?!! A freaking pizza boy, when she has YOU. You doesn't deserve her anyway. 🖕🏽
Khyla_girl99 Khyla_girl99 Jul 21, 2016
on the second to last picture they are in a mercades I thought they were suposed to be in a ferrari
Sashadailey Sashadailey Mar 06, 2016
This part reminds me of the movie white girls when they were auctioning off girls.
blondemccann blondemccann Mar 06, 2016
Not a fan of these daddy stories but I'm totally reading this
AlexisIsAWeirdo AlexisIsAWeirdo Mar 21, 2016
I think this is absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to read it!!! :) 😍❤️❤️😍