Monster ♦︎ Cricky AU

Monster ♦︎ Cricky AU

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Katelyn By howsyourcoffeejesus Updated 5 days ago

Chris was far too young to die when he did, and Ricky accidentally stumbles upon his dead body. Ricky, being the determined young soul he is, decides that he wants to try to give this poor guy his life back, but what he wasn't expecting was for it to actually work.

{Ships included:
Chris Motionless X Ricky Horror
Ryan Sitkowski X Angelo Parente}

(Warnings: vulgar language, mild violence, death)

Omf I never knew that damask was the name of that wallpaper that I looooove. Also the song title black damask makes sense now
This reminds me of the Circles music video from Pierce The Veil. 😂