Wrong Username • Norman Reedus✔️

Wrong Username • Norman Reedus✔️

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NOPE. By TheWalkingDead_Norm Completed

Norman accidentally adds the wrong person on a chat site. 

He never expected to spend four months chatting and opening up to someone he had never met. 

What happens when the pair finally meet? 

(I made Norman younger) 



Language and Smut. 


Happy ending, Yay!

GOT, OITNB, TWD, Jane the Virgin, Vikings and Glee!!Who else?
'Hahahahahhahaha' just makes me mad it's so fake sounding. Just use lmao or something jesus
Lunapony1445 Lunapony1445 Aug 23, 2016
Literally me in every conversation exept I got HEYYYYY (gender) WHATS UP HOMIIEE and pretend I'm black out drunk for 2 mins lol
Norm69:  what you doing 
                              Al23:  about to shower 
                              Norm69:  send pics (;
emmazer0 emmazer0 Jul 15, 2016
At first I was really confused on who Andy was, but then I realized...
Loveless0306 Loveless0306 Aug 09, 2016
I'm so immature.....I just realized what number his name has in it😂