The Demon on the Outside (Levi x Reader)

The Demon on the Outside (Levi x Reader)

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Lucy By toffy59 Updated Aug 28

Sequel to The Demon Inside (Levi x Reader)

The daughter of (Y/N) and Levi had found a brown leather journal that (Y/N) had once written in it during The War of Shadows. Levi was intrigued by the journal, so he began reading the adventures (Y/N) had during the time of war. 

This is a sequel, to read you must read the first book to understand what's happening in the second book.

I don't own the characters (except all my OC) or anime.

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                              Donna:*snorts cocaine* "We need more coke!" 
                              Sam: "We packed Pepsi." 
YoloCat1 YoloCat1 Mar 27
I can't wait until the April 30th! Well,I'll try to contain myself. This sort is amazing already. Well I better be off,so I can contain myself and read other fanfics... Good luck with your exams!
Levi's that dad who makes you tidy your room everyday till its spotless
"you have the personality of someone high on cocaine"
                              thats me, boo ;D
Okay Now I can start reading...I had to leave to read the first one...BUT NOW I'M BACK
chibikurama chibikurama Mar 06
Levi and reader-chan have a kid?! D'awwww how cute >/////< I look forward to your master piece! Btw good luck on your exams too! I have to hit the books too... exams for college... Lovely eh? 😒😵 .... *starts studying*