Four x Reader

Four x Reader

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ᴍᴏɴᴛʏ's ᴍᴏᴏɴsʜɪɴᴇ By Who_Is_Malaiker Updated Nov 18, 2016

When Tris tragically dies...there's a new girl to replace her....your the new girl. You later meet Four or Tobias Eaton. What will your relationship be?


cover by: @GallyGotEyebrowGame

bloodyrainonroses bloodyrainonroses Aug 30, 2016
Honestly mine are like an almost unnaturally vibrant shade of navy blue
fanficAcademy fanficAcademy Sep 07, 2016
I didn't read the p.o.v, so I thought it was still four..... I think I almost had a heart attack! Wow!
Who_Is_Malaiker Who_Is_Malaiker Oct 29, 2016
@29cookiemonster that's a question i ask myself everyday man
Bellawinchester123 Bellawinchester123 Sep 04, 2016
I have blueish gray eyes even tho I'd like them to be more light blue😭
meadowdiangelo meadowdiangelo Nov 22, 2016
oh Tobias's point of view I thought it was reader's I'm like what??