Four x Reader

Four x Reader

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malaika tarantino By Who_Is_Malaiker Updated Jan 06

When Tris tragically dies...there's a new girl to replace her....your the new girl. You later meet Four or Tobias Eaton. What will your relationship be?


cover by: @GallyGotEyebrowGame

  • death
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purplegirl4645 purplegirl4645 Jun 13, 2017
Tobias doesn't tell his name to strangers. He'll just say his name is Four. Once he trusts you enough THEN he tells you his name.
bloodyrainonroses bloodyrainonroses Aug 30, 2016
Honestly mine are like an almost unnaturally vibrant shade of navy blue
fanficAcademy fanficAcademy Sep 07, 2016
I didn't read the p.o.v, so I thought it was still four..... I think I almost had a heart attack! Wow!
Who_Is_Malaiker Who_Is_Malaiker Oct 29, 2016
@29cookiemonster that's a question i ask myself everyday man
Bellawinchester123 Bellawinchester123 Sep 04, 2016
I have blueish gray eyes even tho I'd like them to be more light blue😭
meadowdiangelo meadowdiangelo Nov 22, 2016
oh Tobias's point of view I thought it was reader's I'm like what??