alphabet boy ; ryden

alphabet boy ; ryden

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dead inside By ladevotee17 Updated Apr 13

"you think youre smarter than me with all your bad poetry." 

brendon was popular and did reckless things, like any normal rebellious teenager. partied often and bad douche friends. 

ryan was a smart kid with high grades. avoided drugs and alcohol and had nice friends. 

so when the two become friends, it's quickly a toxic mix.

heartwaste heartwaste Nov 05
i made a video of me reading this chapter is that okay @ladevotee17
When i was a child i was like "No i don't like (name) im not lesbian" but now look at me im a bigender/demiguy thats dating that person im pansexual af
cvmisado cvmisado Oct 25
NO ONE SPOIL DIVERGENT IN CASE PEOPLE READ ( my friend did for me and i almost cried)
joycemanor- joycemanor- Mar 15
Two years ago I told myself "I don't like girls!" But look at me now, a hardcore pansexual
erinnhx erinnhx Sep 04
aw i love that book serious the first movie was great but the others were shite
Xx_VeganChikan_xX Xx_VeganChikan_xX 2 days ago
everyone's like "kenny!" or "dallon!" but he's probably made out with ALL THE PAST AND PRESENT TOURING MEMBERS AND THEIR CATS