alphabet boy ; ryden

alphabet boy ; ryden

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dead inside By ladevotee17 Updated Apr 13, 2016

"you think youre smarter than me with all your bad poetry." 

brendon was popular and did reckless things, like any normal rebellious teenager. partied often and bad douche friends. 

ryan was a smart kid with high grades. avoided drugs and alcohol and had nice friends. 

so when the two become friends, it's quickly a toxic mix.

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r-omanholiday r-omanholiday May 09, 2017
Excuse me Brendon, but you do know lying is a sin (not tragedy)
time-to-dxnce time-to-dxnce Oct 25, 2017
"but ryden" me @ every drama situation I get in @CheezWhizDude
infinityonbri infinityonbri Nov 18, 2017
who wanna fite me nobody bullies ryan
                              also last year my ex told everyone i was gay that was a mess
infinityonbri infinityonbri Nov 18, 2017
i imagined ryan flinging his head back in shock and it’s really funny dhahahahah
Centurine Centurine Aug 11, 2017
"Ryden is still my OTP tbh" 
                              Halsey 2014/13 idk
                              I stand with Halsey, so does lynn
-softiie -softiie Sep 02, 2017
okay but i hate when sarah is in ryden fics as brendon's gf, like, she's a smol angel bean why would you make her suffer