What would you do if all you had ever known came crashing down?
    That's the question that plagues Ryder, as she uncovers several insidious plots and must decide who she can trust and fast. 
    Should she trust her second in command, Blade?
    Or the new recruit, Nick Marshall?
    Can Ryder decide in whom to place her trust, before it's too late?
    Will Ryder be brought down or will she fool them all? 
    And, as the past begins to haunt the future, who will make it out alive?
@SoupForBrains I will say thank you on behalf of the trailer maker, since I had nothing to do with it. lol. She will be glad to hear that someone loves it.
I  know I'm meant to be critiquing the book but this trailer is amazing!
About your summary,you should remove "The ending will blow your mind." It's not really persuasive. You should write like, "The ending will not be what you expect," or something like that. This really isn't important, but I just..