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Undertale Lemons (+18)

Undertale Lemons (+18)

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Princess_Tiara13 By Princess_Tiara13 Updated Oct 21, 2016

Dedicated to undertale lemons! I do requests such as Oc x Character, Reader X Character, and Character X Character! This is mature!!! If this offends you Do not read!!!

Mrs_Michealis Mrs_Michealis Oct 31, 2016
O skipped it because i want to keep the little respect I have tonton
My innocence left me on my 10th birthday. That was the day I discovered Yaoi, best day of my life
I actually have a little aqua dress! I've only worn it once but its my favorite out of all the dresses I've had
applepyeslice applepyeslice Nov 19, 2016
Sans x wingoid reader
                              Wingoid is a human with wings that shoot blades and can fly as fast as a jet.
I just started reading and I already messed up reading I though it said 'knocked over my friends door' then I re-read it and was like 'oh sh*t fail
Just imagine Mettaton saying 'Panties' in his voice, just think of UT YT comics