The Leader's Girl | tmnt au | the fwb series - two

The Leader's Girl | tmnt au | the fwb series - two

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Anette Shortie By turtleshorties Updated Jan 09

Book 2/4 of the TMNT mix -> 2k14/16 (how they look like) + 2k12 (a few things) + (partly book 2 and all about book 3).

Amanda Johnson met the ninja turtles through Anita Anderson, that she learned is not just her best friend, but her actual twin sister. Amanda has a huge crush on the leader in blue, Leonardo. When master Splinter send him away for training her world fell apart. 

Two years later and Leonardo finally returns, he is ready to do what he wanted over two years ago; win Amanda's heart. Many things have changed in the two years Leo have been away. One of the things is that Amanda has another boyfriend. Jealousy will arise and Leo will fight for her. Will he be able to win her back or will he ever be able to move on?

Read to find out!

This story involves sexuality and strong language. My recommended age is 18, so please reconsider reading if you're a minor or very sensitive to sexual content
If you read the story on Wattpad, please make sure to follow me to be able to read certian chapters because they are published as private, this because of sexual content. 


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Tmntlover1174 Tmntlover1174 May 11, 2016
"A smile snuck on my face" or "a smile spread on my face" or "I smiled then turned my vision towards the dojo, the door is open. Sensei must still be awake, perhaps mediating."
Tmntlover1174 Tmntlover1174 May 11, 2016
"Something doesn't feel right, I needed to go back home and somehow make things right again." would of been better.
Tmntlover1174 Tmntlover1174 May 11, 2016
"Well, I haven't seen her in two years, I want her to know I'm back. I also want to make sure she's alright, you know?
Tmntlover1174 Tmntlover1174 May 11, 2016
This needs to be reworded properly. Leo is known for having good grammar.