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Watching Miraculous Ladybug

Watching Miraculous Ladybug

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Pepi679Red By Pepi679Red Updated Apr 10, 2016

Hey guys it's me I put the wrong story up hehe I was reading a story but the copy it,but I thought I copied my story on,but I got the Wrong story hehe sorry I hope you guys can forgive me.
Marinette didn't get anything she was so confused,one minute she was running late to school and now she is I don't know where but it was a huge theater,her classmates were right next to her Alya to her left and ADRIEN??!? To her Right!.
Ayla's familiar voice when she woke up next to Marinette "Shoot......where are we?" That's what everyone's wondering they all started to freak out.
Adrien was so confused he was school in the boys bathroom washing his hands now he's her we're in danger right?
"Dude....where are we because I was at school ignoring what the teacher was saying!" he heard Nino asked from the right side of him.
Then the screen turned on showing 2 kids and a dog "Is this stupid thing on?" A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes like Marinettes popped up,and next to her was a boy...

WolfKing371 WolfKing371 Nov 25, 2016
Who are all these people please explain the characters dear Author because I can't make sense of a wonderful story due to the characters I don't know of
AwesomeFangirl1234 AwesomeFangirl1234 Apr 13, 2016
Me:were u being sarcastic??
                              Chloe: no 
                              Me: well I thought you were cause the only beautyfull thing I saw was Adreinette....
- - May 01, 2016
Was it NathAli fanfiction? I think it was a NathAli fanfiction.
                              Kate: Seriously?
                              Me: seriously
AsUsefulAsDansBelt AsUsefulAsDansBelt Apr 02, 2016
SHIPPPPPP SHIPPPPP SHIPPPPP !! It would be adorable to see it *hits her head with frying pan*
suchfandomss suchfandomss Jun 22, 2016
Bookqueen48 Bookqueen48 Mar 21, 2016
That was awesome. But could use a little more emotion for them cause no offense but they seem very bored. No offense but either way ur doing an awesome job keep it ☝