Truth or Dare // Soramafu [ Major Editing ]

Truth or Dare // Soramafu [ Major Editing ]

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【 Lyss 】 By _puriiizu_ Completed

" Truth or Dare? "
                           was the start of it.

       Soraru and Mafumafu hadn't thought
                that such a simple game of
                            Truth or Dare
                   could change their life!

@ 12 March, 2016 - 27 December, 2016 // Cover by Usagi

Most of the plot would be changed. Please mind reading it once more from the top! Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for understanding! ♡

Edited chapters → Act 1-5

- - Mar 23, 2016
OF COURSE?? These children are destined to be together, ((no##
                              But yes, in fact I might even ship it more than SoraMafu owo
                              After all, what's better than an uke Ama!! ((Shut up,
martiansheepy martiansheepy Aug 12, 2016
Can you tell me where you found the cover picture? It's really pretty!
viktordabs viktordabs May 15, 2016
Woah that was one long sentence. You need some periods bruh. 
                              Nice work, though. I really like this story. <3