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Kawaii~Senpai By Dark_Mysteries Updated Dec 01

Haru, had asked for a change in her life,
Well...she got one.

Haru was one of those girls that go to a school which has an 'Otaku day'
Yep ladies and gentlemen an Otaku day, it's the day where you watch anime!

She's one of those girls that has no parents, going home everyday wanting to feel your parents' love, but it's heartbreaking to know that they're not there.

From being chased by lightning, 
To meeting the awkward 'Team Guy'
And...discovering something about Kankuro that we wish was never revealed.

Her best friend Miku, has more dark secrets than meets the eye, will she ever tell Haru about them?

What's Haru's last name?
Who does she like?
What's her purpose there?
And most importantly.......
Where are her parents?


The 'Pity, something bad and cliche is going to happen soon' clan!!!!
Imagine the power of the (name it yourself clans) Kekei Genkai
GAARAS MA MAN (points at username furiously) as long as your not a !art sue tho .... We can share.
Guess I'm part of the name it yourself clan
                              Naw I'll just go with Shiro
Kanachi108 Kanachi108 4 days ago
Yolo she is a Jackson!! PERCY JACKSON'S RELETIVE!! Jk she's actually apart of the Kirisaki clan.
The Nanase Clan
                               (please tell me someone gets that? Get it? Haru Nanase? (I know his name is actually Haruka but meh))