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🔆Miraculum🔆 By Dark_Mysteries Updated May 27, 2017

"From this day onwards, I'll change, this time I'll be the one that does the protecting, this time I won't be the one that needs to be saved, I won't lose anyone important to me again, I won't be weak anymore..........I...I....

.... I promise you."


Haru, had asked for a change in her life,
Well...she got one.

Haru was one of those girls that go to a school which has an 'Otaku day'
Yep ladies and gentlemen an Otaku day, it's the day where you watch anime!

Her parent's just left suddenly one day, no note, no letter, nothing. She just woke up in her room with no one there. 
She has one memory of them, but it's hazy, all she does know is that they were happy, so why did they go?

She knows one thing though, she has a strong feeling they're alive..somewhere..anywhere, all she needs to find them.

From being chased by lightning, 
To meeting the awkward 'Team Guy'
And...discovering something about Kankuro that we wish was never revealed.

You could say that it's been quite tough for her.

Her best friend Miku, has more dark secrets than meets the eye, she wants to tell Haru, the only problem is that it's not her story to tell.


She needs to get her memories back fast, after all....

She also needs some answers.


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Oh honey we'll pray for your friends not to be destroyed by period anger
YoshiPrincess YoshiPrincess a day ago
Oh honey, it’s okay to kill people on this time of the month I do it all the time
Snack_Shop_Trash Snack_Shop_Trash May 21, 2017
It was the opposite for me. I liked Gaara then moves to Sasuke.
YoshiPrincess YoshiPrincess a day ago
Even I know that it’s 9 and I’m not good at math 😂😂😂
flabbergasted16 flabbergasted16 Feb 24, 2017
I wish I could have had a day when I was still in school where you could watch anime! That would have been amazing. Anime teaches so many good life lessons and really gets you to think about your views on life and friendship.
OceanFlame300 OceanFlame300 Jan 19, 2017
Wait. So is this a sasuke fanfic or gaara........? (Sorry I'm not very bright)