Notes - Namjin

Notes - Namjin

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"Your handwriting is cute"

"You're cuter"


Fxngxrl18 Fxngxrl18 Aug 02
I'm imagining him way taller than he actually is, like 1.90 m or something
This is my friend trying to make me sit with her and her bf..
Someone did that to me too... BUT HE PLACED A PAPER WITH A DICKFACE ON IT IT WAS A PRANK 🙃🙄😅😂
DDforreal DDforreal a day ago
Homophobic can you hear me cause I want to say something to you 
                              FIGHT ME
OMG I do that 😂 is it weird that I hate being alone and always end up being alone? :'(
My parents won't let me do anything, dye my hair, get piercings, or gauges. 😢