Notes - Namjin

Notes - Namjin

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"Your handwriting is cute"

"You're cuter"


{Before you read this please note that I wrote this three years ago and it's super crappy and probably just awful in general}

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Because he is Kim Seokjin aka Worldwide Handsome aka Delicious Jinnamon Bunns
Tbh I don't want to live in South Carolina and I wanna move somewhere else. I'd only consider living in myrtle beach bc I love it there
I imagined this and ohmygod was it cute. Sometimes my imagination is a blessing and not a curse :))
I actually left my book in my bag at school and its friday and I wanna tead it now 😭😭 it was harry potter!
Will7s Will7s Mar 25
Anyone else here just wear headphones so ppl won't talk to them?
LxulyPa LxulyPa 2 days ago
the new kids in my school don't say that, we don't even come to the front they just sit in their seats. say hi, name, which school you were in. Then two days after new kids are comfy in our class and make jokes up with us. like battatis ma3 gebna (our inside joke)