Notes - Namjin

Notes - Namjin

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"Your handwriting is cute"

"You're cuter"


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livv43 livv43 Dec 15, 2017
Cool dad, my dad didn't want me to dye my hair, but I still did it and got in trying 😂
-http-miss-snooki- -http-miss-snooki- Dec 15, 2017
Once someone dropped a paper near me and one of my friends. We picked it up and read it. Turns out someone was trying to ask someone out by note. Smooth boi.
Fangirlmishap Fangirlmishap 4 days ago
Tbh I don't want to live in South Carolina and I wanna move somewhere else. I'd only consider living in myrtle beach bc I love it there
I just had mt hair oink and died it back to blonde too ayeeeee
Fangirlmishap Fangirlmishap 4 days ago
I imagined this and ohmygod was it cute. Sometimes my imagination is a blessing and not a curse :))
Fangirlmishap Fangirlmishap 4 days ago
I actually left my book in my bag at school and its friday and I wanna tead it now 😭😭 it was harry potter!