Fifty Shades Of Sehun

Fifty Shades Of Sehun

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Luhan is a simple boy. 
Sehun is a singer with a dark past.
Luhan is cute.
Sehun is hot.
Luhan is poor.
Sehun is filthy rich.
Luhan is a virgin.
Sehun is a master in kinks and sex.
What will happen when their paths  cross?
~following just a part of the original plot of fifty shades of grey~

 ⌞Started on: 12/march/16⌝ 
 ⌞Finished on:   --------------⌝ 

┋Cover by @cinnaminie┋

She_WhoLovesKpop She_WhoLovesKpop Aug 29, 2016
Well've got Jongdae...if u know what i mean hahahaha
This is going to be fun if it is exactly like fifty shades of gray just that the ending will suck