Library Love

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Sarah By Sarah73 Updated 2 years ago
Natalia Breton was always family oriented, aside from her mom. She had few friends, so her littler brother has always been her favorite person in the world. After suffering through the aftermath of a terrible accident, Natalia must come to terms with her life and where she's headed. With a little help from a cute Italian librarian, his friends, and her family, Natalia will become the girl that she knew her little brother would be proud of.
I found this on ifunny it's a great story. Keep working on it.
Woooot! Im loving this thing! And its thanks to you since your ifunny post brought me here, haha thanks
I think you should have gone more into detail and gotten us more involved with the main character. I also feel the title gives false interpretation of the story, but other than that it is amazing and will defiantly be coming back for more.
@madeinalaska woah I didn't think many people from wattpad knew ifunny xD
@Sarah73 well I feel that you shouldn't start out by telling the readers her issues. Maybe wait a little bit. I mean when first talking to a person do you tell them your issues?
I feel like something off about the story. I can't really get myself into it. Besides that it's great.