Yuko, Naruto's Civilian Sister? (Old version/original)

Yuko, Naruto's Civilian Sister? (Old version/original)

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chisa97 By chisa97 Updated Jan 14, 2017

Yuko Uzumaki is the elder sister of the ramen loving knucklehead Naruto Uzumaki. Her name fits her well, which means Gentle-child. Those who know of Yuko say she is sweet, kind, very accepting, has a big heart, and a smile that could brighten up your day. Yuko is not a kunoichi of the hidden Leaf village, instead she is a civilian... or is she? Yuko has been keeping some deadly secrets from the people she loves and cares for. The biggest of them all from Naruto her own brother. What will Yuko do when the Akatsuki are looming down and Orochimaru trying to snake his hands unto Sasuke and the destruction of the Leaf? All Yuko can say is this..

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

(I would like to thank AnkaaSage for writing all you see above as well as for the cover of this story)

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ito_dragneel ito_dragneel Apr 03, 2017
First of just gonna say. Read the description got to the last sentence. and completely lost it.
NC_Mary NC_Mary Oct 06, 2016
Wait till Naru figures out her secret dere relationship will go downhill for sure
ChuBatGioi ChuBatGioi May 03, 2016
"Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead" I SMELL PRETTY LITTLE LIARS HEREEE
yamahayong24 yamahayong24 Jan 23, 2016
Just wondering if  this was fan fic or not it seems that was a debatable theory