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Error Sans X Reader

Error Sans X Reader

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UndertellSwasterSans By UndertellSwasterSans Updated 6 days ago

This is for my readers I hope ya enjoy this. See ya on the other side Buddy.

mangled_foxy mangled_foxy Aug 02, 2016
Know what I want to happen before this chapter ends, it's written "as I walk I fell something slither around my legs and tighten" I just want error to pull reader - Chan and make her/him hit her/his face on the ground then pull her/him towards him lol...
FightingPhoenix456 FightingPhoenix456 Oct 30, 2016
I feel like I've read this already....
                              *Feeling of being watched by two glitchy, the other? A certain author....DUN DUN DUN!!!! Well at least the Author's AU of sans....ok it gave it away.*
_-SINNER-_ _-SINNER-_ Nov 02, 2016
error: well that was easy
                              meh: *I turn into a type of undyne the undying * U THOUGHT THIS WAS OVAH BUT AIN'T BE OVAH TILL UR DEAD
tmhwpacc tmhwpacc Aug 30, 2016
Every time I see or hear about blue strings I think of tampons .-.
poppy_heart poppy_heart Aug 14, 2016
LOVE IT ALREADY!!! I'm in a place with no internet and this is the perfect way to spend time!!!
gvvyvycyxygxtt gvvyvycyxygxtt Sep 07, 2016
I would have turned around when I realize it was a dark cave and screamed F*ck this sh*t I'm out